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August 11, 2008

Nui Kid Water- Safe for Adults- with Kid Supervision

Nui- It means big, abundant or important in Hawaii and Polynesia. Nui Kid Water has just that type of mission when it comes to empowering kids. Nui Kid Water wants to help them improve their social, environmental and personal health. While Nui is sweetened water it is only done so with fruit juice and no added sugars. It contains half the sugar of apple juice, is caffeine-free and low in sodium as compared to sports drinks and has added calcium, multi-vitamins and antioxidants that other kid drinks do not.

We tried Nui Kid Water in our house, it is a great after nap pick me up without all the sugar of juice but the same amount as milk. Containing nine fruits like blueberry, cranberry and raspberry with drink names such as Outrageous Orange, Raging Red and Purple Power this lightly flavored water went down easy with my child. She loved each flavor but the grape flavor of Purple Power the most. While the color, label and scent may seem extreme on these drinks, the taste is not. It is very light and pleasing even to adults. I found the drinks to be a good alternative to the sweetness of juice and it went down easier than water with my daughter.

Add to that the fact that 50% of Nui's profits go to children's charities I am happy to serve Nui Kid Water in my house. It's a nice treat and it is doctor, dietitian and dentist recommended over sports drinks and regular old juice. The website is geared towards kids too with colorful graphics, sounds and more. You can find out how to get your school to serve Nui, raise money and read the Wave Writers Blog. Nui Kid Water can be purchased at Wild Oats, Whole Foods and other food stores. Look for it in your area today! Your kids will love you for it and you'll be happier knowing that they are obtaining extra vitamins versus sugar and sodium in this thirst quenching drink.