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August 8, 2008

Hairplay Salon's SET products

Created by San Francisco Hairplay salon owner Fritz Clay, comes SET and SEAL. A new hair duo that will remind you that once again you can really set it and go. "SET: a setting lotion and SEAL: a shine serum, are perfect for all textures, lengths and styles; so whether you have flat straight hair, a fro, unruly curls or limpy locks YOU can use this product!" I tried out both products on my fine but somewhat wavy hair and here is what I found.

I typically style my hair straight, especially now that is it shorter. It just doesn't look great all beach wavy when it's this short. My hair is also prone to being oily so I don't like products that weigh my hair down or make it go limp half-way through the day. I tried the SET product first and found the foam to be light in texture, lighter than mousse in fact, but with the same feel once it was applied to my wet hair. I styled it as usual and while it doesn't increase the volume like mousse (it's not supposed to either) it did hold the style quite well. Add in the fact that it is not heavily scented and I was quite pleased with SET. It works well as a leave-in conditioner, detangler and defrizzer all in one. I found that even on humid days my hair was less frizzy than normal and that is a plus in my book. The only thing about SET is I had the medium styling product, there are three types, and I needed the light version which does add volume and works well on straight and wavy hair versus curly.

Next, I tried SEAL, the light shine serum also created by Clay. This unscented serum seals your hair for a shiny finish that won't weigh your hair down. Like SET it works well even when you style your hair thermally. When I used the SEAL alone it didn't weigh my hair down. I was quite pleased with the lightness of this product and how it was not oily and left no sticky residue. For someone with fine hair though it must be used sparingly. My hair still combed out easily even in the middle of the day without those thick, limp clumps that some hair serums create on my head. When I combined it with the SET product it was too much for my fine hair. I think if it had been the Light version of SET it might have worked better but I cannot be sure.

Both products have sun protectant in them, are kid and color-friendly. If you want your hair to show its natural beauty or style it to its hilt then try SET and SEAL by Hairplay. They work well in both formats. Each is available for $19.50 for an 8 ounce bottle and can be purchased online at Hairplay salon or their website.