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August 25, 2008

The Neatnik Saucer

How many times have you gone out to dinner and cringed over the state of the grimy high chair and even the table? Have you gotten indigestion from bending over to pick up lost toys, spilled food and other objects off the floor? Been there, done that a million times over right? Yeah, me too. Well, look no further than the Neatnik Saucer.

Created by Coulson's Crib, LLC this handy dandy portable device creates a barrier over the seat and surrounding tray, including the back of the chair. It also neatly folds up into an easy to carry pouch (12"x12")and wipes remarkably clean. Love it! That carrying case? It even has a wipes pocket! You just can't beat it.

OK, maybe the one thing you can beat is the price. At $48.50 it is a bit on the expensive side when it comes to extra baby gear. However, if cleanliness and a sanitary kid is your thing and you like to dine out then this a good item for you. We eat out often and the Neatnik Saucer is great for babies 6 months on up to toddler age, so you will get a lot of use out of it. Plus, it comes in a variety of stylish non-cutesy designs that will win you over in seconds flat. Here's another plus, that sold me on this product. It keeps toys inside the seat. Food, toys, crayons, whatever you give your kid will stay in the seat. Not on the floor. It's bliss! While this device might seem complicated it isn't. The demo on the website shows how easy it is to use.

Here's the thing, "You will look forward to dining out because you won't have to worry about dirty tables and highchairs, AND because you won't have to spend half your meal picking up toys, plates and food from the floor. Once things end up on the floor, you can't give them back to your child without sterilizing them - and we all know what happens when you take away a toy (or candy) from a baby!

Your fellow diners and restaurant staff will thank you too - no one likes to watch a fine meal end up on the floor (or clean it up later)."

The Neatnik Saucer makes an excellent addition to travel or your regular baby gear arsenal. It also makes a wonderful gift for new parents or parents with older babies and toddlers. It's never too late to make dining out a more enticing option. To purchase the Neatnik Saucer, bibs or napsack visit the website here.


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