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August 29, 2008

Fun Find- The Artemis Woman Personal Groomer

Yes, it is the end of summer and some of you may be breathing a sigh of relief about your bikini line however, you still have other hairy issues I'm sure. I've recently found the Artemis Woman Personal Groomer ($14.99) which works well on all your unwanted hair. From bikini line (all year maintenance please!) to eyebrows, face and arms you can have smooth skin easily with this small, easy to tote hair trimmer.

It comes complete with a comb, a cleaner and only takes one AAA battery and it works surprisingly well. When I first opened the package and felt how light it was I didn't think the product would actually do all that well but it does! It's nice for shaping eyebrows and anywhere else hair might need, well, shaping. You get the idea. Just one simple click and the device turns on and off. There is no guess work and really does work.

In addition to it being a pretty pain-free device the Artemis company is a certified for Women by Women based company. 2% of all profits for this groomer and all the other Artemis products go towards finding alternative treatments and for women's cancers. That always earns a gold star in my book.

For more information on the Artemis Personal Groomer and to purchase the Personal Groomer, the tote bag (only $5.99) or other Artemis products visit here.