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August 15, 2008

Fun Find- Bill Harley- Yes to Running!

From Grammy Award Winner and acclaimed storyteller, musician and author Bill Harley, comes 'Yes to Running!' Live on CD and DVD ($14.99). This 112 minute mix of songs and stories arrives just in time for the new school year. It's full of stories and music that your kids and you are sure to enjoy! Including many school tales.

Recorded before an all-ages live audience at the University of Montana, Harley is an Indianapolis native who later moved East to New England and now resides in my home state, Rhode Island. His talent for remembering what it was really like to be a kid wins the hearts of grown-ups and kids alike each time he performs. This DVD shows him in action as he sings songs and tells stories about parental control of the radio, the boys bathroom at school as well as other extremely funny stories guaranteed to crack up everyone in the car listening.

There is also bonus material on this two-part DVD- a documentary and behind-the-scenes interview with Harley himself. For more details about Harley visit his website here.