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August 18, 2008

Basq- Pregnancy Skincare

The bigger I get with this second pregnancy the more worried I am about stretch marks and moisturizing my skin. I put on some sort of moisturizer at least twice a day to relieve not just the itchy and scratchy feeling, but to alleviate my worries about stretch marks. So far so good. Let's knock on a whole lumber yard of wood, shall we? Recently, Basq, makers of the high-quality pregnancy skincare line, sent me some samples to try.

First, things first. The company, created by two women, has created products that are not just relaxing to use but also to look at. They are safe too. I loved the fact that the aromatherapy line is very gentle and has a pregnant woman at its heart, because sometimes that treatment is actually not all that good for those of us with swollen bellies. Also, the line is not actually just for pregnant women. It's for ALL women. I love that most of all. So how did the products perform?

Made from all-natural oils to tone and moisturize your tired skin, the Resilient Body oil ($38-4.3 oz) with almond oil, Vitamin E, hazelnut, grapeseed and rosehip soothes your skin on contact. I wished for more than the tiny vial I was sent when I reviewed this stuff. It absorbed quickly and didn't leave any oily or greasy residue behind. There was nothing to stain my clothes or stick to them and yet my skin felt mercifully calm and soft all day long. I didn't feel the need to apply any nighttime lotion or more oil before bed either.

Next, I tried the Citrus Sugar Body Polish ($20) scented by exotic Neroli and Sweet Orange. Yummm... Just divine in scent and the texture is nice too. The essential oils, natural sugar and shea butter all melt into your skin while exfoliating. I would love to say how this product really worked exfoliating my skin, step number one in moisturizing properly, however the sample I received was far too small to even test it out. Samples for body anything, let alone scrub should never be sent in quarter or nickle-sized containers. You simply cannot get a good read on the product and while it smells nice and the finger dab test I did worked well on the back of one hand it isn't enough to say how it works over the long haul or on your body. That was very disappointing.

Overall, I think Basq Skincare is really on to something. The products work well and smell wonderful. Who wouldn't want to use them? Even the packaging is restful. The gift sets are great and at fairly reasonable prices too. I would certainly spread the joy of these products to my pregnant and non-pregnant friends alike. To find Basq products visit their website and purchase online or visit here.