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August 19, 2008

Arch Angels- Win a Lifetime Supply of Shoes For Your Kid!

When was the last time you took pictures of your child’s feet? Yes, feet! Those ten little piggies can sometimes be the cutest things ever, and maybe, could get you $500 for them!

Arch Angels, comfort insoles for kids ages 2-8, is sponsoring the “Cutest Kids’ Feet Photo Contest,” with a grand prize of $500 and a lifetime supply of Arch Angels. Visit for complete details and official rules.

More about Arch Angels-
Arch Angels™ are the first children’s comfort shoe insole that give parents an
affordable solution to common foot-related complaints. With a progressive arch
design system that reflects normal development, and a contoured heel cup that
gently supports the foot, Arch Angels conform to give the child a custom fit
even the best shoes can’t offer. Plus, they don’t slip around in enclosed shoes.
Inspired by a mom and developed by two doctors, they’re 100% made in the USA.
Arch Angels are sold at specialty stores nationwide and online at