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July 9, 2008

PBN- The Savvy Quiz and Leapfrog Tag

Skeptics like me look at quizzes such as the Savvy Source Quiz (the widget to your right) and think, "Hmph! I bet that takes a long time and produces a bunch of results not relatable to my child." Or "I bet it is just a jumble of products I have no interest in buying." Well, sometimes skeptics are proved wrong. Such is the case with the Savvy Source Quiz. Go ahead, get started on that quiz to the right if you have a preschool (2+) age child. I'll wait.

The quiz is essentially this, "The Savvy Quiz consists of a series of questions in each of several categories (language development, science, music, math, and many more), with personalized results - recommended activities and games/toys for your child - based on their current developmental stage as assessed by the quiz."

While the Progress Portrait takes some time to go through it really is worth it. I am amazed at what I learned about my daughters abilities. Who knew that her lining things up is a normal stage and not just inherited anal-retentiveness. Not only did I learn about how she is advanced in some areas, spot on in others and a bit lagging as well, I came away from the quiz quite pleased with the wealth of information I was given for free by the Source and all the products, books and printouts. I could purchase the products right there or get for others for free to encourage all these areas within her. The quiz is easy to use, very intuitive and provides so much information that it can be a bit overwhelming but is a great source of guidance and fun. I go back to it often to find new ways to stimulate her and update her development. The best part? The Saavy quiz changes with each new developmental stride!

You'll also notice that the whole thing is sponsored by Leapfrog and its product TAG (try a demo here!). The TAG is a reading system that uses the 'TAG', which is more like an electronic pen to read books aloud to your child. I'm leery of this type of toy too because I remember all to well the electronic voices from toys like this when I was growing up. The TAG though is quite different. Both my husband and I were quite taken with how animated the narrator sounds and all the various character voices. While my two year-old is too young for the TAG (ages 4 yrs and up) she got a kick out of learning to use the TAG to hear a story and what the various pictures in the book had to say. I loved how if you put the Tag by a word it only states that word allowing your child to learn to read at their own pace. The only drawback I found was that the on/off button, which is at the top of the TAG pen, is quite sensitive to touch and was frequently turned off by accident. That being said, the Leapfrog TAG (free shipping!) is still one great product. Its touch reading system is easy to use and kept my childs attention much longer than I thought it would. She got the hang of using it quickly on a basic level so I am sure any 4-8 would love it.

PBN has lots of great reviewers talking about both the Savvy quiz and Leapfrog TAG this week so you really should visit them to hear all the different perspectives. If you have children ages two and up you have nothing to lose but so much to gain taking this free quiz. I learned so much about my child and her development and found it to be very personalized. I have since gone an purchased a few products (all in various price ranges), downloaded and printed the free activities such as coloring and number games and learned about a wealth of other activities I can do in the car, at home and all over the place with my daughter. The Savvy quiz has been more helpful than any book or other program I've ever used. I recommend it highly.

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