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July 11, 2008

Fun Find- Flaky Friends- Blogger Made Stuffed Animals

Sarah, over at Hollywood Flakes who is by no means less than fabulous and hilarious, has created her own line of stuffed animals. Flaky Friends. These funny little handmade creatures fall into the following categories- Insecure friends, Obnoxious, Sweet, Freaky and Cheap. They are for more than just kids too. If you don't believe me check out this one, the unlucky rabbit. I want to call it my very own and pass it out to friends.

Besides having a blog and Etsy shop she also has a newsletter which features new animals, special offers and discounts. Sarah is serious about her business but entirely creative and whimsical about her animals. From cute to funny these animals range in price from $4-60. They make great imaginative gifts and she does custom orders too. If anything you need to check out the descriptions Sarah applies to each stuffed animal. The yellow kitty? It apparently doesn't take lip from anyone and the Vintage Girl Scout Turtle is up to no good after lights out. You've been warned camp counselors.

Whether you are looking for a cute gift for yourself, a friend or a child in your life you can definitely find something at Flaky Friends. If you want a more edgy creation Sarah has that too. Who says you are too old for fuzzy friends?! Not me!

Flaky Friends is offering all MPR readers 20% off with the coupon code, "I Love Mummy" and a $5 kickback until the end of July. Go ahead and treat yourself or someone you love to a Flaky Friend today. It is sure to bring a laugh, smile or both.