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July 8, 2008

MiN- New York- Razor Bump Treatment

If you are like me, you are ultra sensitive to shaving. You can develop those wonderful razor bumps that in the summer season are not very attractive and sometimes painful and avoid shaving whenever possible. If you are like me, you cannot tolerate a hairy bikini line though so you do what you must and try all sorts of products to combat the razor bump problem.

MiN New York Solution2 is a roller ball of pain free, razor bump eliminating goodness. Great for men and women alike and either post-shave or waxing MiN has liquid aspirin and organic spearmint to eliminate pain, ingrown hairs, razor bumps and tighten pores.

I tried this product out the week before my beach vacation and during and found it produces nice results. I am so prone to those annoying red bumps that I either wax or use a depilatory cream to remove hair. I don't like to shave. Except being pregnant makes it harder to use products like these, ones that even my doctor is unsure of the side effects. So shaving it is and the bumps rear up and we start the whole annoying process all over again. I used the MiN Solution2 after shaving just once and while it burned a bit and did not smell very pleasant I was pleased to note that no bumps occurred in the next day or two. I waited a few days and repeated the process and found the same results. Over the next two weeks I continued this test and I am happy to report that the MiN Solution2 really does work! While I do not like the smell, it is antiseptic like and burns a bit each time it does not hurt and it is worth the not so hot scent and bit of burning because it eliminates the long term problem like it is supposed to.

At $20 (50 mL) a pop this is the typical price range for a hair removing product or accessory. Because it is in roller ball form it lasts a long time making it worth the money too. You can also order a large refill ($42) bottle to eliminate waste. Both products can be ordered directly from the MiN website.