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July 1, 2008

Offering a unique three-part solution for dry skin Theraplex moisturizers are the latest in skincare and moisturizing technology. By eliminating the greasy oily residue factor that is found with most petroleum based products for the skin. Theraplex offers real therapeutic benefits for your skin.

I tested our all four of the Theraplex products and found differing results. The ClearLotion, Hydrolotion, FT and Emollient all work well but offer different types of moisturizing. There is a separate use for each one.

The ClearLotion is an after shower/bath moisturizer. It is a clear oil that dries fast and absorbs very quickly into your skin. Instantly your skin drinks it in. I think paired with another moisturizer like Theraplex's Hydrolotion Daily Moisturizer it would work extremely well. Alone, it did not do enough for my dry legs. The Hydrolotion however, worked like a charm. I used it to moisturize my entire body and had great success. My skin has been incredibly dry this pregnancy and the Hydrolotion kept it moisturized all day long.

The FT by Theraplex is a thick emollient that works best on rough, callused skin such as your feet. My small sample packet was used up in two days. I found it kept my feet soft for quite some time and really got into the calluses. I would use it again. The same goes for the Theraplex Emollient, which is perfect for those suffering from eczema or psoriasis. This fragrance free product is great for rough cuticles too. I used it on my hands and noticed a difference in my skins texture right away.

All of the Theraplex products work well and can be bought online at their own website. Items range from $16-21 for 8 ounces or $30 for a combo set of the Hydrolotion and ClearLotion.