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May 20, 2008

PBN- Maiden America- No-Slip Barrettes

Oh the whispies. I had them as a child. That almost baldhead with the slipperiest hair you can possibly imagine. Barrettes did not stay put and my morning 'do' was the bane of both my mother’s and my existence. Now, my daughter has a case of the whispies. The only barrettes that even come close to staying put were some cheap metal ones from the grocery store. Cute they are not. Serviceable is all we had until now. PBN offered me the chance to review Maiden America barrettes and I jumped on it.

Known for their non-slip barrettes (patent-pending), their non-toxic glue and other safe/good business practices Maiden America is a mom-owned and operated company that not only cares about its customers but also the quality of their product. While we are so used to the tiny metal no-frills barrettes around here we quickly acclimated ourselves to the ribbons, bows and flowers of these adorable barrettes. A particular favorite were the Daisyburst and Ladybug versions. My daughter asked to wear, “lay-deee bug” almost every day for the past few weeks. These barrettes really do work too. They do not slip no matter what amount of hair I place in them and they do not pull or weigh down in a painful way. I have used them to place over a ponytail for a more polished look as well as in traditional barrette format. My daughter enjoys wearing them and she looks super cute too!

These barrettes come in a variety of styles from dressed-up with Swarovski crystals to more nature-oriented pieces. They make an excellent gift for any little girl and would work well for weddings and parties. I have absolutely no complaints about this product. The barrettes are made well, they work, they arrived quickly and the price is competitive to what you find in stores around my area. When one of my choices was not available I was contacted by email within minutes of placing my order and promptly asked how I wanted to handle the situation instead of simply being told it was on backorder or no longer available. I could not be happier with my whole Maiden America experience.


Anonymous said...

Thank you SO much for the great review! We love, love, love it! I'm particularly impressed with all of the different aspects you put together - you had to have read the entire website to really appreciate the 'whole' intent of our company. I thank you for taking real time to do that!
Maiden America