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May 21, 2008

Le Couvent Des Minimes- Natural Beauty since 1862

Are you looking for a truly luxurious salve or lotion that not only smells natural and wonderful but also is also easy on your wallet? Then look no further than Le Couvent Des Minimes and their fabulous collection of nourishing products. I tried out three items from the Le Couvent Des Minimes line- The Original Fortifying Nail and Cuticle Salve Recipe ($12/15ml), Moisturizing Body Lotion ($17/250ml) and the Soothing Night Hand Cream ($10/50ml). This department store brand with its natural look and French appeal are much more than I bargained for with its Target prices.

First up is the cuticle salve, which is a soothing combination of shea butter, apricot kernel oil and myrrh essential oil. It fortifies and protects your cuticles while nourishing, healing and strengthening the nail bed all at the same time. This salve is light and easy to use. The tiny tube goes a long way and it melts into your cuticles quickly and easily. The light scent of lavender is pleasant and I found that after one use there was a noticeable difference in how my skin looked. After two days of post-shower use, my cuticles looked better than they had in years and were soft and supple.

Next, I tried the Soothing Night Hand Cream, which is mix of lavender and acacia extracts. Acacia, is known for its softening abilities and combined with coconut oil it sounds like it would be a heavy greasy mix but I was pleasantly surprised by how it melted into my skin without leaving a residue behind. I tried this cream for a few nights in a row and even put it on my feet during the daytime and before bed. Each time I have used it I notice an immediate difference in how my skin looks and feels. This hand cream is part of the Le Couvent Des Minimes Good Night Ritual line and it is a great ritual to have indeed.

The last item I tried is from the Nourishing Body Care collection. The Moisturizing Body Lotion is a nice blend of grape seed oil, honey extract, shea milk and beeswax. These ingredients meld together to form a creamy blend that works well as a daily moisturizer. The first time I opened the bottle of this lotion I fell deeply in love with the natural honey scent. Normally, I do not like this scent but it really blew me away and I could not stop breathing it in. It is not overpowering and I enjoyed using it every day.

What came across the most to me as I used all of the Le Couvent Des Minimes products is that they not only smell wonderful but they make you feel pampered and relaxed no matter what time of day you use them. Each time I opened a bottle or tube I felt transported to the French countryside and that I was creating a little haven of my very own. I only wish I had some to share and giveaway. Le Couvent Des Minimes products can be purchased at Belk, Dillard's, Bon Ton and Olive & Company stores nationwide.