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May 14, 2008

PBN- Mama Rock Rules!

Do you want an easy to read, laugh aloud, totally effective and chocked full of common sense parenting book? Then look no further than Mama Rock’s Rules- Ten Lessons for Raising a Household of Successful Children, by Rose Rock with Valerie Graham. Rose Rock, mother to comedian Chris Rock, has raised ten kids in addition to 17 foster children. She has specialized in preschool and special education and hosts a weekly radio program, The Mom Show, out of South Carolina. This woman has the chops! Her approach is candid,she never gets preachy and she knows from years of experience how to deal with all types of children and situations.

One of the things I liked best about this book is how Rose points out that parents need to be a united front. Even when they do not agree on how to handle a situation, they need to show the children that they are united and not divided. As I read this book, I found myself continuously reading portions of it aloud to my husband. We would nod in agreement over topics like 'be a parent and not a friend' to your children and about how children needing structure. This book is strong and has many examples and anecdotes from Rock’s own life with her children that make it easy to see how her rules work and can be applied in a multitude of situations. I felt at ease and never talked down to as I read this book, which I appreciate. While some parenting “advice” books seek to help they only make a parent feel that they are doing everything wrong and are dooming their children.

My favorite part of this book is right in the beginning when Rose details out how to be clear in expressing what you expect from your child in every situation. While this may sound like it would not work, it has always proved effective within my house and I am continuously amazed at the results. Rock is a big believer in common sense parenting without the corporal punishment aspect. She tackles big issues and uneasy subjects that all parents will have to deal with and does so with humor, honesty and finesse.

Reading this book helped reinforce how I parent and made me feel that I am on the right track after all. The advice in this book works and just by touching up a bit on my parenting skills, I feel that my child knows more about what is expected of her on a daily basis. I am not giving away a copy because I need to keep it for myself. It makes an excellent addition to my reference library and will be dog-eared in no time! More great reviews on this book and others are available at the Parent Blogger Network.