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May 13, 2008

Going to Europe?

If you are planning a trip abroad anytime you soon you might want to check out this fun, easy to use and comprehensive website-

It is great for traveling to any of the major cities. You want to see the Vatican? Or perhaps the Leaning Tower or Pisa? Try the search engine specifically for Rome. No matter where you want to go, whether it is Paris or Dublin you can search for a hotel on the cheap by name, region or even by map. It's quick and simple too!

When I typed in my London search I found loads of hotels ranked by price in US Dollars, starting at $49 a night. I could then search by star rating, price range, amenities and more. There are many cities all over the world to choose from, including all major US ones. is one great travel site that is sure to help you find a perfect place to stay on your next vacation.