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May 15, 2008

The Beauty of Couleur Nature

Couleur Nature, Paris, by Bruno Lamy launched in 1997 is an exceptional line of textiles for the bedroom, table and kitchen. Combining two cultural traditions- hand-block printing from India and design based on French artisan pieces from Provence, these wares create beautiful table settings, pajamas, bed quilts and more. Each piece is hand cut and stitched to ensure uniqueness in tone and finish. Every pattern compliments the others items in the collection too. Quite honestly, Couleur Nature is breathtaking.

When I first laid eyes on the tablecloths, runners, tea towels, pajamas and I could go on by Couleur Nature I was in awe. The colors are vibrant and natural. The deep reds, soft blues, gentle greens and golden yellows blend perfectly seeing Couleur Nature apart from other companies like it. I was particularly impressed with the tea towel ($72 for set of 3) I sampled. It is about three times the size of the average tea towel and is so pretty I wanted to use it as a piece on my dining room table instead. From there it has garnered many complements with its traditional pomegranate and pineapple design. It is welcoming and if possible, charming. The tablecloths come in round and square styles in a variety of sizes and run from $63 to $148, which is about average for a high-end tabletop piece. There are napkins, placemats, runners and even aprons that all match and correspond with each other. While I did not get to sample the pajamas (in Capri form too), Kimonos or the bedding it is all beautiful in its own way. It is a bit of toile, a bit chabby chic and all about being exquisite in design.

Items for the home or person from Couleur Nature make an excellent gift for a housewarming, shower, or even as a treat for you! Visit their website today!

I am giving away one Tutti Frutti tablecloth in 59x59 ($63) from the collection! The first person to email me (veamason AT gmail DOT com) to answer this question correctly will win it!

Question: What is one of the surprises on the Couleur Nature website?

Tutti Frutti Tablecloth

Congrats to our winner Ann!!!