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April 30, 2008

Hair Care by Philip Kingsley

Philip Kingsley has but one purpose- to create healthy and beautiful hair. As a leading authority on hair health, Kingsley has been in the trichological practice for over 50 years. Each product is prepared and formulated, clinically proven, heavily tested and quality controlled all to ensure optimum health for your hair.

Having never heard of Philip Kingsley until now I cannot say I was excited to try the rather clinical looking products. The packaging is not exciting. It’s rather space age meets laboratory. Still you cannot judge a book by its cover so why do that to a bottle of shampoo or conditioner right?

First up, is the ‘No Scent, No Colour’ shampoo ($9.50 for 75 ml) which does indeed come out clear and has absolutely no discernable scent. For that, I am grateful. All too often, I try out some fruity concoction that may work just swell, but the scent alone sends it right into the trash, banished for all eternity. This shampoo is for people who have highly sensitive skin, allergies or even those undergoing chemotherapy or radiation treatments. It is light in texture, lathers well and rinses out easily. It does not leave a squeaky-clean stripped feeling either. It is one of those ‘just right’ shampoos. However, at $9.50 for a bottle only slightly larger than travel size it makes it a bit of a hard sell. While I am not one to shirk away from price if quality is there the bottle size combined with the price does not quite sell me.

The Body Building Conditioner ($11 for 75 ml) is phenomenal! I do not even know where to begin with this conditioner. It is light, not greasy and actually reduces the static in my hair. I have never had a conditioner work so well on my baby fine hair! It goes on smoothly, rinses out exceptionally well and my hair is so soft afterwards. My comb just glides through my wet hair from root to tip which never happens. Never. It adds volume without weight or build-up to fine, limp and flyaway hair. It is quite possibly one of the best conditioners I have ever had the privilege to use and makes it worth the hefty price tag. It is worth every penny! Each time I use it I can actually tell the difference and I am guaranteed a good hair day. Who doesn’t want that?

I also tried the Scalp Toning Tonic ($11 for 75 ml) which hydrates and stimulates the scalp. In the winter, my scalp dries out and when I used the product I have to admit I did feel a difference. My scalp sucked up this product and felt relieved for days after just one initial use. I do not care that this tonic has antibacterial benefits or promotes healthy hair growth. I only care about the fact that I can use it sparingly and still feel a real difference. It is like a spa treatment for my scalp, which sadly seemed neglected.

There are loads of other great products on this UK based site (a US store is also included). No matter what type of hair you have, Philip Kingsley has designed a product to meet your hair care needs. I feel I can safely say that your needs will be met too. I’m going to cry when my Body Building conditioner runs out as I could not find the products being widely available beyond the its own website.