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April 28, 2008

Belong by Oakley

They're sleek, stylish and a bit bigger than what I normally wear but I do love that Oakley sent me some of their new designs for sunglasses. Typically, I can be found in my classic brown Jackie O square shades. I wear them all year round. I am never without my sunglasses. I am very picky about the lens tint, size, comfort and looks (call it my four point system if you will). If I loose a pair of sunglasses or break them it is going to be hard for me to replace them. Price is not an issue as I wear them all year round even on partly cloudy days. I've worn cheap $9 pairs and upwards of $200 and it is all based on the above listed needs being met. Would the Oakley's Belong style fit the bill? I was highly suspicious.

Inspired by Oakley women who live by their own rules, BELONG™ writes its own stylebook. Sculptural metal detailing adds a touch of magnificence without being showy, and smooth contours of lightweight acetate keep it anchored in feminine charm. A graceful silhouette highlights a perfect Three-Point Fit that gives comfort an entirely new definition.

I tried two pairs of the Belong style ($160), the Caramel and the Turquoise. While both are the same I instantly took a liking to the turquoise trim inside one pair of glasses. The added flash just appealed to me. It was as if I had a little secret and not just hidden behind the lightly tinted lenses. The Belongs are comfortable to wear and fit very well. I have a small head and they sit on my nose lightly and do not slip down its bridge. They hug my face but don't appear too big. When I shake my head they don't fall off either. The lens tint (22% light transmission) nicely blocks out the suns UV rays and hides the delicate tissue around my eyes from obtaining further sun damage. I can definitely get behind that.

While the price range of $160-170 is steep the Oakley Belong sunglasses are worth their weight in today's slow dollar. They fit incredibly well, are of a high quality in construction and design plus they are available for prescription lenses too. You'll look good wearing them as well, which is always an added bonus.