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May 1, 2008

PBN- Were You Raised by Wolves? Clues to the Mysteries of Adulthood

Like natural progression Christie Mellor’s latest book (author Three Martini Playdate. It is a must read for us retro ‘rents), Were you Raised by Wolves, starts out geared towards a younger just out of college audience and settles comfortably into tips for full-fledged adults. Tips, that even I, the annoying etiquette queen can use. The numerous baking soda tips? I was tempted to post it on my fridge. I went on for days about this section alone. I am that much of a dork.

Wolves is all about being a well-rounded person. It is about knowing how to make a bed properly (I am right! Victory is mine!), learning how to dress properly for work and beyond, having the skills to clean your bathroom correctly, how to cook an egg, save some coin and so much more. While this book might seem perfect for anyone who has just left the nest it is a wonderful refresher for those of us who left a long time ago but may need a bit of a push in the manners and making your world your home. The chapter on not being an embarrassment is something I want to tack to many people’s heads. I was filled with glee and laughing aloud when I read the bit about cell phone manners. The illustrations are helpful and each chapter is loaded with information yet somehow does not get away from itself. My favorite section was ‘Your World of Finance’. Who can’t use some advice on living frugal these days? Mellor points out that whether you are rich or poor there are certain ways to treat people and codes to live by in order to not just be a functioning member of society but a contributing members as well. In true Mellor fashion, this book is smart, hysterical and truly embraces its subject matter.

To anyone who wants to smack the person next to them at the gym for talking incessantly on their cell phone, who wants to learn to tie a bow-tie, poach chicken, set up a proper bar, be a good houseguest or host for that matter, this book is for you. The tips inside will help instill good will, charm and the art of being useful into your everyday life. It is witty, fun and yes, even a bit thought provoking. It makes an excellent gift for those graduating, living in their first apartment and anyone who feels they may be lacking in some of the basic knowledge departments. If anything, this book will have you laughing aloud throughout it and yelling, “Amen!”
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