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April 18, 2008

Fun Find- ShopWiki- Everything You Need

We've all had those exasperated moments where we are mired in baby bottles, strollers, clothes and other baby and toddler paraphernalia and have no idea where to turn or where else to look. It's mind-numbing and entirely frustrating going from place to place comparing prices and goods for that very important person in your life. Have no fear though, now there is a solution.

Shop Wiki.

This exciting new website actively trolls the Internet, much like Google does, looking and gathering all the baby and toddler gear together in one location just for you. Sectioned out in categories such as strollers, clothes, and more ShopWiki is convenient and easy to use. When I began looking at double strollers I found this site to be incredibly helpful in narrowing down my search.

Go ahead, visit ShopWiki today.