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April 16, 2008

The Pink Pantry & Mr. Skip

Just the other day I was yearning for a quiet respite where I could sip a cup of coffee or chai tea, relax and not be inundated with logos and other chain store paraphernalia. I needed to break out of my comfort zone and experience something new. Then, like magic, I found it residing in Historic Downtown Clifton (that's Virginia for you non-locals). The Pink Pantry, right there on Main Street. It is perfect. You would think that a place called The Pink Pantry would be a sea of pink when you walk in but that is not the case.

Filled with organic Snacks like Adam & Eve Juice and apple chips, plus some of the best chai tea I've had in ages and some tasty looking pastry treats owner Danyelle Ballard has really outdone herself. You can read further about Danyelle, her fine cafe and Mr. Skip, a local favorite, who sings children's songs on most Fridays here at Woodbridge Living.

If you live nearby stop in and say hello to Danyelle and her crew. It's a lovely little spot to spend some time, sip some tea and you can even bring the kids! You might even find yourself taking home one of these cute shirts.