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March 11, 2008

Effie's Heart- Spring 2008 Collection is Here!!

Just in time for spring, and I could not be more pleased, is the new spring collection from Effie's Heart. I reviewed their fall collection last year and was quite blown away by it. The pieces have stood up the against the elements (my hat is ideal in cold, windy or rainy weather) and through many washings. They still look fresh and new. I'm complimented each time I wear them as well. So I was very eager to see what Kimo, the designer, had created for spring.


Everything is just breathtaking! I want it all! I can't stop looking at it! These pictures are just a small preview of the beautiful work that Kimo has created. It's very 1920's flapper inspired with a whole set of new graphics on many of the pieces. The clothes are a mix of elegant styling and soft silky fabrics. Once again Effie's Heart manages to be retro while being fresh and edgy all at the same time. I'm inspired and in awe.

For a preview of the summer line (available in May) visit here.


Lauren said...

Oh my...those clothes are SO freaking awesome. Now I have more incentive to lose buy something there!

Anonymous said...

Lauren - I'm a size 16/18 and the XL shirts and skirts fit just fine. In fact, the skirts have lots of elastic in the waist, so I went with a L because they were too big.

And if you still want to wait, there's always the super cute accessories. I have the scarletberry hat, and have gotten tons of compliments