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March 12, 2008

Scholastic Treasures DVDs are Treasures Indeed

Did you know that March is reading month? Neither did I. We are avid readers in our house and my daughter is no exception. Leave it to Scholastic Treasures to take another set of classic story books and turn them into read-along DVDs for kids. These DVDs are animated incredibly well and adapted in such a way that you too will find yourself wrapped up in the story just as you would if you were sitting down reading the book itself!

First up is 'Click, Clack, Moo Cows That Type' by Doreen Cronin ($14.95). Narrated by Randy Travis this 71 minute DVD also contains seven other stories on it. From Chicken Little to Hot Hippo and I, Crocodile you and your child will have lots to choose from on this DVD. My daughter loved this story about how the cows sudden ability to communicate becomes a source of contention between the farm animals and Farmer Brown. She taps her fingers right along with the typing noises from this DVD every time and loves to watch it. She also loves the 'Waiting for Wings' story depicting butterflies being brought to life through music. The illustrations by Lois Ehlert are fantastic and really quite stunning. This DVD is a great one to have on hand on those rainy days, dinner time melt downs or car rides if that is your thing.

The second DVD is 'Chrysanthemum'" by Kevin Henkes ($14.95) and narrated by Meryl Streep. Honored with the American Library Association Notable Video Associates award this 76 minute DVD, appropriate for ages 3-8, has six stories on it and will keep your child entertained with mouse adventures for quite some time. There is even a live action segment about a mouse that is accidentally carried away from his friends and family that your child, like mine, is sure to adore. My daughter loves animals and this particular DVD really got her attention. She has just learned about mice and finds the stories about Owen and his blanket, Sophie and Wendell from 'A Weekend with Wendell' came just in time. I have no problem watching this cute, entertaining DVD with her and knowing that the classic stories have been adapted true to form.

For more titles and DVDs by Scholastic Treasures visit here. I'm giving away a copy of Chrysanthemum and Click, Clack, Moo to the first lucky reader who emails me!


Nancy said...

Great giveaway! We have a whole box of the Scholastic DVDs (I want to say it's like 18 discs) and we love them.

(Rosie's favorite is Good Night Gorilla if you want to check that one out too.)

Vicky said...

Yes! We have that one too! It's fantastic! It has both of these in it as well.

adrienne said...

We have the same box set and it's a favorite. Though I've considered hiding Harold and the Purple Crayon under the couch for a cooling off period.