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March 10, 2008

Johnson's Toddler Wash & Sudzing Bar

If your toddler is like mine then you have one independent child on your hands. They want to do everything themselves including bathing. Now Johnson and Johnson has come out with a new line just for toddlers called, Bedtime Toddler Wash and the Bedtime Easy-Grip Sudzing Bar. I reviewed both these items recently and here is what I found.

The Bedtime Toddler Wash (8.4 ounces $3.49) is part of the NATURALCALM line. It have a very light scent which contains relaxing properties. Toddlers, just like babies, use bath time to unwind from their busy days. They use the bath to get out that last bit of energy and to calm down. The scent is soft, comforting and has a faintly floral note to it. I tried it out and found the ergnomic bottle has a nice feel to it and it lathers well. It is also part of Johnson's 'no tears' line which is a must have in our house. The wash moisturizes well and it lasts a long time. My daughter's ultra sensitive skin had no outbreaks after using it a few times and it didn't dry out either. This wash is mild and allergy-tested which earns it a gold star in my book.

The Bedtime Easy-Grip Sudzing Bar (3 2.45 ounce bars, $3.49) is not only a great value but it is loads of fun! From the moment I took the first bar out of the package my daughter wanted to use it. The bar is packaged in a light purple mesh bag that is easy for toddlers to hold onto and that appealed to her. She loves washing herself and seeing how the soap lathers and feels. The sudzing bar contains the same NATURALCALM essences as the wash and while I can't say it made my daughter sleep any better she does love using it. It is gentle, safe and cleans very well. The only drawback to this bar is that it does not contain the 'no more tears' formula.

While I normally like to recommend and encourage the use of smaller companies, product lines and items that are eco-friendly, I realize this way is not for everyone. That being said, I do think that the Johnson and Johnson Bedtime Toddler products are a great deal and value for the money. They are fun, smell great and kids do love them!

I'm giving away TWO sets too! Each comes with a bottle of the wash and a 3-pack of the sudzing bar. Email me (veamason AT gmail DOT com) with your sleep techniques and the first two people to respond win!

As an added bonus I'm including some tips and advice on toddler sleep. While routine is always the key it is important to mix things up and change the routine as your child grows. I can certainly attest to recent sleepless nights due to some of these very things-

Three Step Bedtime Routine-

For babies it’s bath, massage and quiet time but toddlers are a different story so consider tweaking the three step routine by making it a bit more interesting:

Bath: let toddlers try and bathe themselves
Lotion: massages may be out but let little hands apply lotion to their legs and arms.

Quiet time: take your toddler’s personality and choose activities that are right for them.

For the more relaxed toddler try reading, singing songs, review of day’s activities, reviewing what was great about the day.

Feistier toddlers might need something more engaging, so why not try letting them read to you, allow them to perform a song, talk about what’s exciting about tomorrow when they wake up, play some quiet games (like patty cake or board game), allow them to put their favorite stuffed animals to bed.

Developmental Triggers that Can Disrupt Sleep Behavior

Learning big girl/boy behavior

- Potty Training
- Climbing out of crib and/or Switching to a bed
- New sibling
- Going to pre-school
- Moving
- New sibling
- Expanded vocabulary
- Vivid imagination (there’s no monster coming to eat me right mommy?)
- Dreams
- Nighttime fears and/or Nightmares
- Sleep terrors
- Sleepwalking (believe it or not peak time is 3-5 years old)
- Sleep talking

*Tips, advice and more from Dr. Jodi Mindell, Professor of Psychology at Saint Joseph's University and Associate Director of the Sleep Center, at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.


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