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February 1, 2008

Fun Find- Silly Wagon

From baby to toddler to big kid clothes, charming bags by Oilily for Moms to jewelry and decor for your kids room, Silly Wagon is the place to go for inspired, fun and downright unique or boutique type gifts for yourself, your friends and family.

Recently, I purchased a few adorable items for a baby shower gift from Silly Wagon. I had my pick of clothes by Zutano or something cheeky and cute for the Mom-to-be. Once I had finally made my decision and placed my order I was pleased to not only receive it promptly but to find a personally written note inside thanking me for my business. Not only that, but there was a coloring sheet and small package of crayons with a sticker included. That was a particularly nice and sweet touch. It warmed my heart and I will definetly be doing business with Silly Wagon again.

If you are looking for a gift for you or a friend or a child then keep Silly Wagon in mind. They have GREAT sales and the customer service cannot be beat! You can even create a wishlist for others to see. It's truly a wonderfully creative website chocked full of unique and high quality items.

*I'm giving away two of Maggie and the Ferocious Beasts newest DVDs, 'Recipes for Trouble' and 'Rain Showers and Spring Flowers' to the first person who emails me. veamason at gmail dot com. Come and get 'em!


Stephanie said...

What great timing! We need gifts for a new baby in the family.