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February 4, 2008

A Steeped Review- Dr. Ukra's Tea Diet

I do not “do” diets. I am one of those annoying people who believe in eating less and exercising more in order to achieve the results in weight loss that you want. Until a few years ago, I was a tea drinker. Then I had a kid. While the tea to coffee ratio is still about 8:2 in my kitchen cabinets, I now own two different coffee makers and a French press. The coffee moves, man, it moves. It does not sit and hang out the way the tea bags do. I have heard rumors though that coffee aids and abets fat cells in your body so I decided to try Dr. Ukra’s ‘Ultimate Tea Diet’ when PBN presented it to me and give tea a second chance.

First, I glanced through the book taking note that what I possess in my house for tea was fine unless I wanted to get adventurous. The premise is quite simple. Eliminate junk food. When you crave a snack or a food that is your weakness craving, have some tea instead. Dr. Ukra, who runs the Tea Garden, offers up a breif history of teas, the different varieties and a quick test to see which types of teas you might favor. It was very educational and a bit fun, I must admit. I learned that steeping tea bags for a bit and then dumping out the first round of liquid gets rid of the caffeine and I was able to function on a more rational level after that.

I decided to give myself three weeks with this tea regime and see what happened. The first few days I kept forgetting to go to the tea instead of the Ritter Sport Butter Biscuit. I kept the book handy and kept reading passages of it to keep it in the forefront of my mind. Soon I found I was consuming only one cup of coffee a day (taking away one cup as Dr. Ukra suggests) and drinking about four to five cups of tea during my daily routine. I filled my water bottle with strawberry kiwi tea to drink throughout the day and felt cleansed. Tea is a natural diuretic and I noticed after about three days of this I had no bloat left in my body. I lost a pound too. I kept this up for another week and noticed that my stomach was still flat and my pants fit better. While I did not seem to lose any more weight, I noticed I was snacking a lot less and consuming less food in general. I was literally too full of tea for anything else!

Now in my third week, I cannot say I have lost more weight. I have not. However, I am not bloated and I do seem to have more energy. I look and feel as if I've lost five pounds though. I have reacquainted myself with the tea in my home and weaned myself off the coffee IV drip I was toting around the house. I can only see that as a good thing. I think if I had spent more time creating some of the meals from “dr.tea’s” menus, it would have helped me lose more weight. I am keeping this book handy for the future when I can get my family on board and I have the time to devote to constructing such meals. In the meantime, I say try this book. It is sensible and not about deprivation. It has a lot of valuable information and you will certainly learn a lot about types of tea, making it and its benefits. Tea is in fact, quite good for you and I am happy that I tried this book.

I am giving away a copy of ‘The Ultimate Tea Diet’ by Mark “dr. tea” Ukra to one lucky reader. First person who emails me at veamason at gmail dot com will get it!


LadyAsh said...

Sounds like a great book for someone like me who needs to snack less and fill up on better liquids.

Lauren said...

Mmm...Ritter Sport...

Oh, we're talking about diets, aren't we?

I don't like tea, but I bet I could apply this using water and definitely be healthier for it.