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February 25, 2008

Big Bellies Bibs

What's backed in nylon and comes in over 25 different patterns? Big Bellies, bibs for toddlers and infants of course! Located in Maple Glen, Pennsylvania, Big Bellies features four types of bibs- Classic, Teethers, Starters and a special needs bib called 'The Pocket'. These bibs were created by a new mom in 1991 and the company is now owned by Lisa and Rob Quinn, a couple who used the bibs on their own kids. Made in the USA and proud participant in the Co-op America, which seeks economic action for a just planet, Big Bellies creates colorful nylon backed bibs for every stage of your child's life.

I received the 'Bugs' toddler bib ($10) and that very night my daughter wanted to use only that bib for her meals. She loved the bright colors of the bib and it fit her incredibly well. The nylon back prevents leaks and foods or liquids from soaking her clothes. The Velcro has proved after many washes to not bunch or wear and fall off. I've had many bibs where the Velcro just comes off after a few uses and I have to toss the bib. The toddler bibs measure about 10" across and 8.5" long (from neck) and it can accommodate a 13" neck. The pocket in front catches many drips and dribbles of food and is a source of fascination to my child as well. She loves to scoop up pieces and "re-use" them. This bib does not make that annoying crinkling noise that drives my child mad like other bibs that have a plastic back. The Big Bellies bib with its nylon backing is quiet and that makes me happy.

I like this bib a whole lot. It lasts not only in fit and wear but the 100% cotton front colors haven't bled or faded. It is a great size for toddlers (my daughter is tall for her age) and really keeps them clean. I also love the premise behind the company. Big Bellies seeks only to make a useful, quality product. One that the Quinn's and their customers can rely on and trust. Proceeds from the bibs go to Second Harvest Food bank and the company participates in Moms on the Move. Big Bellies bibs make great gifts, is easy on the wallet and is one quality product.

To purchase any one of the Big Bellies bibs click here. There is free shipping for anyone who buys three or more bibs too! Plus type in Feb5Off for an additional $5 off any order of $40 or more with the free shipping!