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February 27, 2008

Intelligence Aesthetics- The End of False Hope?

Intelligence Aesthetics (IA) wants you to know that their skincare products are the end to your false hopes. Who doesn’t have those when it comes to skincare? It seems there is always something new with yet another amazing claim. IA simply wants you to feel and look your best. If you have dry skin, mature, eczema, acne or combination skin, they have a kit or solution for you. I was excited to try this line out with its truth-based skincare. I received the Quench kit (was $100, now $90), “a pure enrichment kit for dry skin, including eczema. Soothing ingredients scented with apple reduce redness and irritation, while increasing the skin’s ability to retain moisture.” This kit included four items- cleanser, toner, masque, lotion.

My first impression when I cracked open the cleanser during my morning shower is that it was incredibly fresh in scent, but it is not overpowering with its green apple scent. It is so enjoyable I wanted to keep massaging the cleanser into my face repeatedly. The cleanser is silky and soft, a pure joy to use. It truly is lavish feeling. The toner (moisture replenishing) or primer as it is called is a crisp green apple scent too. It has antioxidants in it to carry Vitamin C to the skin cells. It comforts your skin and it has a light and clean feeling. I found the cleanser and toner to work well and it did not strip my skin. The moisturizer (AM/PM Super Hydrating Complex) is light with that same soft apple scent I love. It is great for AM or PM moisturizing, which is an added bonus. There is no need to buy separate moisturizers with the Intelligence Aesthetics line. Aloe, grape seed oil and shea butter combine to create a truly luxurious moisturizer that somehow does not come across as oily or heavy. It blends easily with no residue. The mask (Intensive Moisture Boosting Treatment) has honey, apple, aloe and shea butter in it. It leaves your skin supple, hydrated and soft. I felt clean and refreshed after using the Quench kit. It made my winter skin feel calm and alive again.

You can easily customize your skincare line too in this self-paced skincare line and educate yourself about the whole in and IA’s philosophy here. Simply click on the skin conditions you have and select the moisturizer, cleanser and so on according to your iE Evaluation. You can even watch an iE video to help you along. Say you have damaged skin with acne; you probably need products from the Enlighten and Clear products. My skin evaluation came up that I need to soothe and balance my skin. This was right on. I have sensitive skin that is prone to oiliness and large pores, but I need to lighten my uneven skin tone. If I do not like the products after I have ordered them there is a 30-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the results. Each product should last you 90 days too.

I sadly could not use my Quench kit for 30 days. There is an ingredient in many products that I have recently found I am allergic to. What it is I am not sure. I have had a lot of trial and error with shampoos, soaps and facial products lately. At this point, I can only stop using them when the allergy sets in. I do know this though, before the reaction took place, which happens after about three days no matter what the company or product line, I found my skin to be soft and smooth. I could not stop touching my cheek. All day long, I would find myself marveling at my skins new texture. Optimal results should occur within 60 days based on the mega doses of active ingredients in all the Intelligence Aesthetics products. The Intelligence Aesthetics line really works! They smell great, feel wonderful and produce results fast, allergy or not!

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