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January 28, 2008

YumYum! by TDM Design

What the heck is a YumYum you ask? Why it is a "buttery blissful" cashmere neck warmer! TDM Design, based out of Potomac, MD, has come up with a wonderfully soft and practical piece to get you through this cold winter season. It is what I am using this winter because it is comfortable and I love it.

One of the things I like the most about the YumYum ($42), besides how chic it is, is that there is no more bulky scarf factor. This incredibly soft piece of cashmere snaps easily in two places and can be worn folded in half or full. When I am done with it, I just store it in my purse where it folds neatly and takes up virtually no room. It is convenient and gorgeous looking. Did I mention it is also ridiculously luxe and lush? It is. The YumYum is a great alternative for scarves for kids as there are no long pieces to be tangled in and the softness appeals to children right away. TDM has a brilliant idea right there. The bright and bold colors are fantastic too. I have Biking Red and it goes with everything.

TDM Design is a woman-based local company in the DC Metro area. The YumYums are handmade by women in Nepal working in the cottage industries. TDM visits the area annually. They know that through them, the Nepalese are able to manage their funds, their lives, and that of their family’s lives better. TDM has created a fund for them and a portion of all the proceeds from TDM’s sales benefits the health care and education of these villages in Nepal. This is a major plus in my book.

Every time I put on my YumYum I do not think trendy, I think art. These hand woven pieces are not just beautiful to look at but they are complimentary to your face, keep you warm and are lovely to wear. TDM Design offers a variety of colors, two YumYum sizes to choose from and other great pieces such as the Grande Scarf, the silk Masino Dues and the magnificent throws and baby blankets. To see all the TDM Design products click here.