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January 25, 2008

Company Kids - Style and Flair for your Child

This time of year we are all hunkering down and in hibernation mode. What could be better than to have Company Kids send me two of their ultra warm products to try out. Through six generations the Company Store and Company Kids has aimed to keep themselves sheltered from the cold Wisconsin winters. They know what they are talking about when they utter the words, "warm and toasty".

First up is a pink fleece robe for girls. This soft robe ($39) is great for cold mornings, lounging and just coming out of the tub. I love the detailing on this piece of clothing and the hood. I think all kids robes should come with hoods precisely for that after bath time frame when their little heads are still wet and they need that extra warmth. The cuffs, trim and lining of the hood are all done in a different fabric, like leopard print, and each robe can be monogrammed. It will make any child feel special. Plus it is a nice quality made piece. It washes well, doesn't shrink and looks great!

The applique on all Company Kids robes is gorgeous! There are different designs for holidays and seasons as well as your everyday train, plane or shark robe. Your kid will have a ball picking out the style they want all for themselves. The price isn't too bad either and this robe fits well enough that it will be around for a while.

Next up is the Slumber bag. This is a fun gift ($69) for a child who is beginning to have friends stay over and go on sleepovers themselves. The one I received has a cloud theme to it and is a beautiful sky blue color with fluffy white fur on it. My daughter loves to snuggle into it and she is only two! The bags can be monogrammed and they are three dimensional. Company Kids has created a different sort of sleeping bag for your child by not only giving the bag a theme but also an outer design. The removable and plush head pillow is part of the theme which I think is so much fun. The bags and the pillows are completely washable and can be separated from one another making it extremely convenient too. It is recommended for ages three and up.

Company Kids as well as the Company Store has beautiful, fun, quality bedding in a variety of designs and styles that is sure to fit your needs. I am thinking of using them when we graduate our daughter to her 'big girl' room in the next year. The simple styles are exactly what I'm looking for and the prices are reasonable. For more Company Kids or Company Store items please click here.