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January 13, 2008

Trends to Love

Just as I was thinking of re-doing my powder room in art deco it becomes a hot trend. My thoughts of putting Erte on the walls were spot on apparently.

Here's the thing- you can art deco it up anywhere, not just your home. Get inspired and add a chunky cocktail ring, a jet-beaded set of earrings or necklace. Learn to love squares and hard edges again. Those lovely tops sold anywhere from Target to H&M to uber-expensive sidewalk shops you can find an assortment of tunic, tanks and tees decorated with colorful jewels. Buy them! They are not now and they will be through the spring and summer.

Another new trend I love for winter and I am going to use it through on into spring (if you place it with black or khaki) is watermelon. I'm not saying the scent. I'm talking the color here ladies. Use it as a scarf. An accent bag or belt. Toe nail polish if you aren't feeling too daring or committed. Against black it pops and looks divinely juicy. It is loads of fun and adds a bit of fun to your sometimes drab winter ensemble.

Those are just two trends to love right now....