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January 11, 2008

Friday Fun Find- Graco's sweetpeace

Recently, I had the opportunity to check out a brand spankin' new product from Graco while at the DC Metro Moms launch party. Truthfully when I heard that we would get to view a new 'newborn soothing center' I thought, 'yawn...that's what they all claim.' The sweetpeace is akin to something out of Sharper Image for babies too. Then I began to check this newest soother out and I sort of melted.

The sweetpeace has a lot to offer in the ways of soothing- that is a gurantee. There are soothings sounds, six different speeds, four seat positions (this part is incredible!), and my favorite- the built-in swaddling blanket. It's all washable too. I think what is the most soothing about this center is the sheer fact that it looks soothing. It reminded me of quiet comfort, a little nestled nook for baby. It's also incredibly easy to use. I was amazed at how quickly you could pick up the seat and change it to a different position. Infant car seats can also fit into the center eliminating that awkward 'oh no we're going to wake the baby' moment when you arrive home.

If you are pregnant, registering, or looking for a practical and magical gift for a new baby and new parents then definitely check out Graco's sweetpeace. It is a little piece of heaven.