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January 7, 2008

Delicious All Natural Soaps- It's Suzanne Graham For You!

Forever on a quest to find natural soaps that do not crumble or fade, when placed in my shower (sorry Lush) I was pleased to try Suzanne Graham For You. Suzanne has been creating treats and goodies in her kitchen as far back as she can remember but it was not until one Christmas that she decided to try her hand at soap making. It was a success and soon she was selling her hand-made, all natural soaps in markets and artisan shows. Now she makes Suzanne Graham soaps in liquid and bar form full time. I think she made the right decision too.

I tried four soaps from the collection, Ki-Lime, Banana Baby, Mint Salad and the Lavender Butter. They arrived at my house (from Canada) quickly and in a tiny little box. Minimal packaging is used and I love that. The less waste there is the better! The four blocks of soap were compactly packed and I found I had to separate them quickly because the Mint Salad was overpowering the other three bars lighter scents. Within a day though they were all back to normal and each scent was fresh and appealing.

The Ki-Lime bar is definitely tangy and the kiwi seeds provide a bit of exfoliating action while you wash. The bars lather incredibly well for a natural soap and stand up to the onslaught of water from the showerhead too. They have not turned into a goopy mess over time. My bathroom is permeated with the fresh summery scent of the Ki-Lime and it is delicious!

I can say the same for the softly scented Banana Baby bar. The all-natural ingredients in this soap do not leave that cloyingly sweet and yet sick smelling scent of banana. It is just a ripe slightly green banana scent. I use it on my daughter when she showers with me and it has not caused any problems as she has very sensitive skin. None of the soaps has created any reactions, which is remarkable. The oatmeal, milk and organic bananas in this soap create a rich lather from this mild cleanser that I would recommend to anyone with kids in the house.

While not my most favorite, there is something to be said for the Mint Salad. It has a stronger more pervasive scent than the other bars but it also really wakes you up each time you use it. It is not medicinal or antiseptic smelling either. It contains spinach for vitamins, cucumber to cleanse and that awesome minty freshness too. I think it would work well as a post-workout soap and have used it as such myself.

The fourth bar, the Lavender Butter, is mild and soft. It has super rich emollients like Shea, kokum butter and mango mixed in it that leave your skin incredibly supple and smooth. It is the most luxuriant of the soaps that I tried and the pleasant lavender scent is one that I am always partial too. I love this soap possibly more than the Ki-Lime, simply because it is so smooth.

Suzanne Graham soaps are a great winter pick me up if you are fighting the winter blahs and they make a wonderful treat or gift for a friend or co-worker too. All the natural ingredients are listed right there with each soap. There is a liquid soap for hands and it works great for shaving! Check out all of Suzanne Graham’s products here. What is even better is that these great soaps are now part of the Compact for Safe Cosmetics. That earns a gold star of approval in my book! For retail information visit the website here and email to


Marj said...

I like Suzanne's soaps too. Did you get to try the Creme Brulee also? It is very nice, and yes, creamy! have you also tried Alabu's Goat's Milk soap ( and Paul's Organic soap ( They are both wonderful!

Vicky said...

Sadly no creme brulee for me but thanks for the tips on these other soaps!

KMedlin said...

I bought a custom sampler of 8 small soaps for my neice and she absolutely loved them. Her favorite was the Muffin soap. I can't wait to get some for myself!