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December 12, 2007

BoobyDooby T's - A Little Bit of Heaven on Earth

BoobyDooby. Go on. Say it again! It’s fun! Say it three times fast! I couldn’t either without messing up. So what is BoobyDooby? It’s a pet name that the creators mother used when they were children. This term of endearment conjures up fond memories and feelings of togetherness and love. This is the very essence of the company BoobyDooby and its staff. BoobyDooby’s hand screened shirts are based on one thing. Love. Love is all you need to quote Paul McCartney and one of the shirts. The company was also created to help inspire their owners own kids to live out their dreams just as they are living out dreams creating this clothing company.

Recently, I was sent one of BoobyDooby’s finely worn T’s (the ‘I Heart My Kids one) and I love it. I’m not one for proclaiming such a statement so publicly like that (I never wear my Hot Moms Club T) but this shirt begs to be put on again and again. It’s comfortably worn and ragged just the way I like it making it super soft and totally wearable. It isn’t too tight and it doesn’t bunch up anywhere as you wear it. It hangs just right. It is the Goldilocks of T’s, it’s just right! I layered mine over another long sleeve T to wear because the cold weather and found myself touching the shirt throughout the day it’s that soft. I was sad when I spilled something mysterious on it and cleaned it immediately. Clean once again I have already tried to wear it on back to back days. This shirt is just that comfortable and cute!

Even if you don’t have kids you can still buy and wear a BoobyDooby shirt. These tagless T’s ($24-34) come in sizes from organic baby onesies to kids and adults alike. The phrases range from silly and cute (I Heart my Dog) to quotes by Mother Teresa and Gandhi. There is truly something for everyone when you buy a BoobyDooby shirt. Despite their ragged appearance mine has survived washings and dryings without any shrinkage in fact the shirt just keeps getting better. Each shirt is created with eco-friendly dye as well which earns it a nice green seal of approval from me.

I just might have to pick up a more Mummy appropriate T (Janis Joplin) as a little holiday gift to myself or the Paul McCartney one. Shipping for any order is only $4, sizes remain true to standard sizes and returns can be made easily. What’s more with each order BoobyDooby will donate a portion of the proceeds to Compassion International and In Defense of Animals. BoobyDooby. Grow in peace and enjoy your journey through life. Need I say any more?