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December 10, 2007

Arbonne Sea Salt Scrubs

It comes in tub size (16 oz-$28) and for a limited holiday time a smaller stocking stuffer size (3, .05 oz sizes for $30) it's Arbonne's Aromassentials collection of Sea Salt body scrubs. I love them! They work beautifully on winter skin keeping moisture locked in and leaving behind a light scent and no oily residue.

Awaken is my favorite, it's light citrus scent gets me going in the morning and stays with me through the day. The aroma isn't cloying or overpowering in any way either. When I first opened the container of this exfoliating scrub I was a bit intimidated. It is part salt scrub sitting on the bottom of the container and the top layer is the essential scented oil. You have to mix it yourself. Did I really want to do this each time I used the product? At first no, I didn't. But when I realized this is due to the fact that like other Arbonne products this one is pure, safe and natural I realized that this little bit of pre-work is the price I must pay for something that isn't going to cover my body in chemicals. So I mixed and then I scrubbed. I slathered the Awaken scrub on and was quite pleased with the results. The avocado and almond oil work well together to keep my skin soft while the salt sloughs away the dead skin easily. The oils rinse off just enough. What is left behind truly moisturizes your skin and leaves you smelling wonderful. I wanted to eat this stuff!

The Sea Salt scrubs come in three scents, Awaken (citrus), Reactivate (ying ylang) and Unwind (lavender) and all have matching body lotions, body mists, bath salts, and more to accompany them and help you layer the scent. You can feel good about what you are putting on your body with Arbonne too. It's not too late to order any one of these as a gift for stocking stuffer either. I know. I checked with the consultant. Me.

For more information on Arbonne's Aromassentials and their other great products contact me at veamason AT gmail DOT com today! View the website here.