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November 18, 2007

SexySmile Tooth Whitener and Lip Gloss in One

Sexy Smile claims to whiten your teeth up to 12 shades whiter, make your lips shine and remove tooth stains all in one small package. Whew! That is a tall order for a tube of lip gloss! Brought to you by Dr. Pia Lieb a leading cosmetic and general dentist this is said to be a revolutionary and dual working product. So does it really do all it claims?

After using this product regularly (twice a day for four weeks versus the six to ten times the packaging suggest) the only thing I noticed was that there was less tooth whitener in the container and my lips had a nice glossy sheen to them after each application. I followed the instructions to a T. I applied the tooth whitener in a circular motion to each tooth after brushing them. I didn’t drink or eat for twenty minutes afterwards either. It tastes like most tooth whiteners and I have no idea how this freshens your breath. The minty taste is so very faint. How does this stuff stay on? It doesn’t. Once you close your mouth the whitener comes off. I feel I probably shouldn’t be swallowing it either. It might be a good whitener for individual tooth stains but I couldn’t tell. While I don’t think the tooth whitener worked well all, I will say the gloss is nice.

In the tube the gloss looks bright candy pink also called Bombshell Blonde ($28.50). On my lips however it is incredibly subtle with a slight gold sparkle to it. It is rather flattering and there are six colors to choose from. It reminds me of Laura Mercier’s lip glace in Rose that I had a few years back. I couldn’t get enough of that stuff. SexySmile gloss wears well and isn’t sticky or goopy. I don’t love the paintbrush applicator though. I would rather have a traditional sponge wand to apply gloss. It makes application more even while the brush tends to be a bit heavy handed. Still it is a smooth gloss that goes on nicely and is better than most.

I’m hard pressed to really recommend this product though as it hasn’t whitened my teeth and I’ve found great glosses that work just as well for less money. This one reviewer found it worked in a different way though so maybe it is all in what you need.