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November 20, 2007

A Bonanza of DVD's for the Kiddies

Just in time for the holidays companies like Scholastic are trotting out some pretty amazing deals and all new kids DVD's. Here are some of the best and brightest in my opinion.

Storybook Treasures

Antarctic Antics- Seven stories on just one DVD. This read-along DVD has some seriously funny animal stories with narration by such stars as John Lithgow, Laura Dern and others. This collection of fine children’s stories features an award winning soundtrack filled to the brim with original songs. It is sure to become a favorite in your house.

The first story titled ‘Antarctic Antics’ by Judy Sierra follows a young penguin chick as she learns about life in a typical penguin colony. Your child will love singing along with her and the other penguins. Watch the penguins slip and slide with the beautiful animation in this Andrew Carnegie Medal of Excellence award winner. That’s not all though. In ‘Bear Snores On’, a story by Karma Wilson features some noisy guests as animals take refuge in a warm cave already inhabited by a hibernating bear. Kids will love seeing what happens when the animal’s party noise wakes the snoring bear up. The third feature on Antarctic Antics is ‘In the Small, Small Pond’ a charmingly cute story by Denise Fleming. Show your children the natural beauty of pond life and springs survival blended with the sounds of animal life, words and music. The fourth little flick is ‘Bark, George’ which is narrated by John Lithgow. George is a dog who can’t seem to get his bark right. Children love this amusing tale of a mother dog who tries to help a meowing, oinking pup of a dog find his individual bark.

There are three bonus stories featured on this DVD as well. The Little Red Lighthouse and the Great Gray Bridge, Caps for Sale and The Hat round out this 60-minute DVD of wonderful animation, creative songs and incredible stories that are already classics and are sure to become favorites in your house too and all for only $14.95. This digitally enhanced series (for ages 2-8) makes an excellent gift or stocking stuffer this holiday season and at this price it just can’t be beat! There is even a complimentary website for parents and kids alike that features product reviews, the latest information and more.

Wait! There's more!! The holidays are coming up fast. Why not check out Scholastic Treasures amazing storybook DVD collection. For a limted time only Scholastic is packaging 100 classic award-winning children’s tories together in one DVD box set ($99.95). That is 16 DVDs at 50% off the individually priced DVDs. All the DVDs are celebrity narrated by stars such as Forest Whitaker, Sarah Jessica Parker and many more! This award winning series includes such classic books as Corduroy, Curious George, Where the Wild Things are and many others. It is really worth taking a look at this great set! The variety can’t be beat and kids from ages 2-9 will love the selection. It works great for rainy days, play dates and holiday get togethers when you want to herd all the kids into one room.

The stories have been painstakingly and accurately adapted to DVD and are full of vibrant animation. The read-along option on all these classic DVD stories allows the viewers to read with the narrator. This is such a great value despite the price tag. This DVD set is a hit in our house and with all the different stories to choose from I don’t think my daughter will ever get bored. I love that Harold and his purple crayon has come to life right on our screen and that she can see the ducks from ‘Make Way for Ducklings’ waddle on the screen. It is a wonederful addition to our growing collection.

More from the Scholastic Video Collection!

Mo Willems the creator of the pigeon series, which are some of the most-loved books in our house, now has Knufflebunny on DVD ($14.95). In case you are not aquainted with Knufflebunny it is the humoreous story of a little girl named Trixie who looses her precious bunny, Knufflebunny. The hand drawn images by Willems are set against black and white photos of a typical city which gives this children’s book a sliglhtly more edgy and modern feel to it. It was also the 2007 Andrew Carnegie Medal for excellence winner in children’s videos. You can’t beat that. My daughter loves the book version and couldn’t believe it when she was able to watch the story on the big screen. The voices are beyond cute. This read-along DVD is a favorite in our house just like the book. Besides this great story there are six other stories included in this 68-minute disc. Geared for children ages 2-8 with stunning and diverse types of animation you can be sure that any child would love this storybook treasure.

Looking for something less hip and modern but still in DVD read-along form? Try Scholastic’s ‘Diary of a Worm’ DVD. Faithfully adapted from the best-selling Doreen Cronin book you can get this DVD for $14.95 along with four other books included. The interactive menus, read-along format, and long running time of 69-minutes will keep your child entertained enough to let you get in a rather luxiourous shower. You just might be able to lather, rinse and repeat! I was so excited to find ‘Frog Goes to Dinner’ by Mercer Mayer and ‘Anatole’ by Eve Titus included on this DVD. I adored them both as a child beating a path to the shelf they were on each time I visited my local public library. I’m so happy I can share these stories with my child and see her excitement and joy over them too.

Last but certainly not least, Scholastic brings you ‘Noisy Nora’ by Rosemary Wells. This story of sibling rivalry is humorous and delightful. This little mouse sure can get into mischief when she wants attention. I can relate! There are three other stories included on this 55-minute DVD. ‘T is for Terrible’, ‘Cannonball’ and ‘Goggles!’. Each one teaches a lesson of friendship or how things might not always be what they seem. It’s a truly enjoyable DVD for only $14.95.

For more information on these titles and more from Scholastic please visit their website. Some truly great deals can be found there.