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November 2, 2007

Danger Rangers

Teaching your children about safety is one of the top concerns parents have. It can never start early enough but sometimes we need a little bit of help. It is a daunting task with a lot of lessons to remember. That’s where Danger Rangers comes in. This imaginative, highly informative, action adventure series does a great job in teaching kids general and specific safety lessons in an easy to comprehend and exciting way.

"Think Safe, Play Safe, Be Safe, Safety Rules!" That is the Danger Ranger motto. Upon hearing it my daughter immediately ran to the TV to see what was going on. She agreed with everything the Danger Rangers said including the lesson on why you should tie your shoes. Fire Safety? The Rangers have it down. The music on these DVDs is catchy and I even enjoyed the bright, first-class animation. This is not your average hokey kid DVD. The characters are likable and the story lines fun and informative. Between the seal, mouse, bear, cat, turtle and the bossy narrator Danger Rangers really does rule!

Safety Rules discusses child safety restraints, telling an adult where you are, always having a plan, and accidents that happen in the home. This 28 minute DVD is literally packed with useful tips and tidbits on safety in the home and outside of it. It gets the kids involved and points out things that we parents sometimes forget or miss. I discussed this series with some of the Moms on the block and found out that my local elementary school uses the Danger Rangers series with the kids to teach them fire safety, pool rules, gun safety and so much more. What a great idea! Elementary school kids will easily identify with the characters and be sucked in to the adventures this safety team takes on. I love the premise of Danger Rangers and unlike some of the kooky and just plain cheap DVDs I’ve seen as a reviewer this one really did impress me. Through the safety tips the Danger Rangers involve all family members and members of the community fostering a real group effort feel that is invaluable to me. I will show it to my daughter over and over as she continues to grow.

The DVD isn’t the only great thing about the Danger Rangers. The website is chocked full of fun lessons, music and games for kids to get involved in with their friends and family. You can even obtain a free DVD off the website too. The store contains calendars, books, more DVDs and so much more. I really can’t put into words how fun and informative these DVDs truly are. Not only did I heed some of the information for my family but I found myself bopping to the ‘safety’ songs with my daughter and singing them all day long. Do your family a favor and check out all that the Danger Rangers have to offer today!

I’m giving away four copies of the Danger Rangers Mission 547: Safety Rules DVD. The first four people to email me at veamason AT gmail DOT com will get them!


LadyAsh said...

Do you think it is something I could use for the station's safety stuff for kids?