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November 5, 2007

See Toys- Dynafly!

See Toys, where 'green is fun' has created a the new no-batteries toys that can yes, actually be powered by your kids energy. This kid-powered toy line is the latest in green toys. Zen Design and See Toys has created a whole new line of environmentally friendly electronic toys aimed at pre-school to elementary school age kids.

I tested the sustainable Dynafly in our house for a few days and came up with the following observations. While the digital laughter that emits from the Dynafly when powering it up (dynamo hand crank) is creepy to me it isn't to my daughter or her friends. They laughed right along with it. This toy is great in the dark too. The LED lights on it change color in the eyes, tail and wings. The wings which are flexible move back and forth and the head on the bug moves up and down. I think it would be even better if it the head moved from side to side. The legs are posable and the antennae flexible. I think the on/off button would also work better on the underside of the Dynafly versus the top of the bug. Just a personal preference but it seemed that the kids wanted to look at the underside more while playing with it. They became frustrated with the fact that the on/off switch was on top.

I like that this has a rechargeable battery. You don't have to go out and buy new batteries which in turn saves money and the environment. Who can say no to that? It is a nice little lesson to teach your tot in the process too. Plus no worries on the kids swallowing some of those small batteries either. Don't be fooled by the no batteries/kid-charged part either. The lights and sounds on See Toys are bright and clear. There are six super bright LED lights in the Dynafly's eyes alone! The fiber optics in the wings come alive with color. That is just one of the reasons I think this makes a cool night time toy. In the dark is where the Dynafly really comes to life.

The Dynafly and all its friends are great for kids ages five and up. There are various color options that are available on the toys (Winner of the 2007 Creative Child award) and retail for $29.99. My kid and her friends loved powering the Dynafly up and I'm sure yours will too. In an area where sustainability and green options are hard to come by See Toys really does stand for Safety, Ecology, and Economy.

For more information on See Toys, their products and purchasing information visit here.