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November 1, 2007

PBN-Printakid's 'In Giddyland'

I love personalized things. It must come from being a child in the 80s and having my name on all those wooden handled purses and such. If it can be monogrammed or personalized chances are I’m having it done. The Printakid books are no different. The chance to have a personalized book for my child is a great idea to me.

I chose the ‘In Giddyland’ story for my daughter which has her going through a winter wonderland adventure after a tumble on her sled. There are sketchy ice statues, a smart little penguin guide and some seriously deluded snow people that she meets along the way. What I liked best about this book is that it goes beyond the personalization of just adding her name in for the main character. Printakid asks for eye color, hair color and texture as well as skin tone, parent’s names and the names of up to three of her friends. This book manages to cram all this information in while creating a lasting memory for my daughter regarding her childhood. It’s done well too. While we may move away she will always know who her first set of friends were because this book immortalized them throughout its pages. It’s a clever and cute idea that will continually bring a smile to her face in the coming years.

So you now know that I like the premise of Printakid, but what about the actual illustrations, story lines and look and feel of the book? The illustrations are simple and colorful. I immediately thought it looked computer generated upon first reading the book but the pages are sturdy it a lot of thought goes into the ideas behind the books. I like more traditional illustrations and not such digitally done ones but my daughter does not care she just loves the story and that she is the star of the book. The books are a good size and hard cover which is always a plus and the story lines are wildly imaginative. I was hard-pressed to find one that I could settle on as they all seemed like great out of the ordinary tales for kids. I’m not one for the tales of Grimm but I’m not into cutsey duck and bunny tales either, so this book with its lovely personalization jumped out and grabbed me with its characters and plots. My daughter has grown to love it as well. The older she gets the more excited she is each time she hears her name read to her and that of her friends and family. For that alone I read her the story of ‘In Giddyland’ by Printakid over and over again.

I looked around the website after receiving our book and found some new titles like a ‘Fantastic Birthday’ and I think that would make an excellent gift for a niece, nephew or grandchild if not your own child. I find the pricing more than reasonable too and the option to add a personalized calendar, CD, gift wrap or a gift wrap kid makes Printakid worth a visit. The service was quick and attentive and the book has stood up to some beatings. I will keep them in mind for the pre-school and young school age children I know and plan on giving them as gifts. For more reviews on this Printakid book and other personalized books for children please visit PBN.