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November 25, 2007

Da Bib Rocks!

Winner of the iParenting Media Award the Da Bib is the latest in non-toxic, lead-free products for your child. It is also one fashionable good-looking bib. I tried the Giggles version and here is what I found.

The super soft micro-terry cloth backing is incredibly absorbent and doesn’t shrink even a smidgen in the wash. It resists stains well with its microfiber material that feels simply luxurious to the touch. The 100% waterproof polyester fabric backing wipes clean so easily that I threw away our crinkly plastic bibs completely. The Da Bib covers my daughter’s shirt (even her shoulders!)and keeps her shirts fresh. It’s reversible too! There is even a hidden pouch that catches all the crumbs and flips out easily to empty it. It doesn't get any better than this when it comes to a bib.

Two things really stand out though that make Da Bib the best bib in our house. First, the “Scrunch Collar” which minimizes stains and spills because this entirely adjustable collar is not only soft and pliable around my child’s neck its rib knit design prevents any under the bib spills. This has always been the top way my daughter ruins her clothes. Each time we use the Da Bib we come out clean. The line of Velcro that fastens the bib on the side will grow with your child and Da Bib is larger than the average bib size. Second, this bib does not shrink. It is machine washable and even the dryer doesn’t mess with the nylon coated side or with its size. The seams haven’t bunched and the hour-glass shape of the Da Bib has not altered in any way.

Really, this is one great bib. I plan on sending one to all my friends who are new mothers. The Da Bib is eco-friendly and safe for babies and toddlers. The stylish pastel colors including the fun multi-colored Signature Stripe pattern make it an instant hit. Da Bib is available online here and by some select retailers. It sells for $12.95 which is well-worth the price. It earns a Mummy’s seal of approval as well as the grandmother’s seal of approval.