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November 14, 2007

Beauty Confidential

Product Junkie alert! If you want to know how to really de-frizz your hair or how to properly apply self tanner then you need this book! If you are dying to know what concealer will hide those late in life zits then you simply must go out and buy Nadine Haobsh’s book,Beauty Confidential. This spill-all book is a delight with its casual and friendly tone and loads of beauty industry secrets. If you are a make-up lover or a product whore then you can’t miss taking a peek at the details inside. As a teen I always wondered why my make up didn’t look just like the magazine’s cover model when I would go out and buy all the same stuff. Now that Nadine has come clean with the facts I now know this another magazine advertising trick. You have to read the book to find out what they really do because I’m not spilling anymore secrets.

What I loved most about this book was the compiled lists of products in each chapter with price ranges and shopping information. It is like a reference guide to all the best stuff. I learned that I’m pretty beauty savvy myself having tried almost everything in this book short of the section on cosmetic surgery. That section my dear’s was a real eye-opener. No pun intended. I enjoyed the glimpses into Nadine’s life and her beauty blunders as much as I loved hearing insider secrets. Who didn’t have Claire Dane’s hair color in the early 90s? I know I did! The chapter devoted solely to giving me the best blow out actually worked and the folk remedies were great too. It is a very relatable book and easy to use guide as well. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is a slave to the everything beauty world and especially a novice to all things beauty related.

The casual writing style in Beauty Confidential is great- most of the time. However, chapter after chapter of it started to make feel as if I was stuck inside some sorority girl cocktail party that would never end. I wanted the book to get a little more serious now and then. Don’t get me wrong the step by step how-to’s are great! I learned many new things I just sometimes wished for less bloggy talk. It is Nadine’s personal experiences that are thrown in that helped get me through those rough spots and really that chattiness is the only flaw. It is precisely her personal stories and approach that really does make the book a ‘no preaching’ tell all.

As a personal note, I tried the low ponytail, something I’m loathe to usually wear. It screams Marcia Brady to me, but it actually garnered compliments thanks to the side part and looks a bit less gym friendly than the one I normally sport. The chapter on classic beauty products, made me feel justified. I have touted this same information for years and now I have back-up in book form! I’ve since given many of the classics as gifts to friends. This book is a lot of fun to read or just browse through and would be a great idea for someone just getting into the beauty world and trying to find their way. It was a nice refresher for an old whore (ahem product whore) like me too. For more reviews on this book and other products please visit the fun folks over at the Parent Bloggers Network.

P.S. There’s an even a lazy girl guide for those of you who are laughing at the sheer fact that a book has a have a whole chapter on hair color. It’s great for women on the go and busy moms too.