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October 10, 2007

The PLAYSKOOL Baby Care Line

How many times has this happened? You are out running errands and you realize that you need more than what the particular store you are in has to offer. Your child and you are about to meltdown so the idea of going to an additional place is really not an option. In comes CVS and Hasbro as they join together to create an exclusive line of baby care products. Packaged attractively and soon to be at a CVS near you is the PLAYSKOOL Baby Care Line. Now you can purchase all the items you need in one convenient location.

This collection consists of 44 different products that include diapers called Plushies or Rompers ($9.99-13.99), durable wipes ($1.99-$7.49) that are like cottony cloths, an array of bottles ($1.99-5.99), teethers ($2.99-3.99), cups ($3.99-6.99), bowls ($3.49-4.49)and much more. All are reasonably priced too which can be a problem when you realize you need a bottle while at the drugstore and it’s going to cost you twice as much as it would at a giant box of a discount store.

After just looking over the large box of PLAYSKOOL Baby Care Line items I was sent I can see how this would be ideal especially for moms or dads who are frequently short on time. The wipes are in transport-friendly packages that fit nicely into diaper bags and purses as well as coming in larger sizes for the home. The bottles feature an attachable self-feeding cup for older babies as well as being the traditional bottle size of 10 ounces. Gloworm is featured prominently on all the bottles which have silicone nipples. They even sell the ultra handy dishwasher safe bottle and nipple brush with a ventilated handle. The Line also includes a great 9 ounce insulated flip top cup that I just love. It has a soft straw and is easy to clean. In addition there are trainer cups that are non-insulated, no-spill cups, and wash or toss cups. I don’t love that idea as it doesn’t jive with my green approach to life but others might find this useful for car trips and play dates. One of the items I loved the most was the infant/toddler grooming set ($6.99). This little set has all the basics like emery boards, comb, infant clippers, and tiny scissors. You can buy an additional set of infant nail clippers for only $1.99! This little set is great for traveling or if you find yourself on a trip having forgotten a set.

I could go on about how colorful and attractive all the items are. How the non-toxic teething keys are refrigerator and freezer safe or how the feeding sets are all heat sensitive and that they have the extra long feeding spoons I find so practical but you should just check out the items yourself at your local CVS. There is one more thing. All the packaging on the PLAYSKOOL Baby Care Line features little section called ‘Ages and Stages’. These are Mom Tips and helpful advice about your baby’s needs and everyday care which I think is just a great added bonus to these great convenient products.

All items can be purchased at your local CVS or by shopping online here.