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October 11, 2007

PBN- Deceptively Delicious

Psst…. Hey kid! You want some chocolate pudding?

How about some pink pancakes or an ice cream sandwich?

It’s good huh kid? Eat up! Load up kid! Chow down!

Psst… Hey kid! You want to know something? Those tasty treats are loaded with good things like beet puree and cauliflower and spinach!


That is how you might feel when you first start using Jessica Seinfeld’s new cookbook, Deceptively Delicious. This cookbook is great! The food is healthy and things you would actually serve your family. The secret or the deception is adding pureed fruits or vegetables to each recipe enhancing the nutritional value of each dish. I tried a few of the recipes out on my family and with the exception of one dish they all came back with rave reviews. Eating tacos with pureed carrots made me feel healthier than our normal version because who really feels healthy after eating tacos? The mozzarella sticks with cauliflower tasted exactly the same and no one could tell the difference. I even made beef stew with broccoli puree which I thought would give it a slightly skewed taste but it only made it better. My daughter has no idea that the brownies she is eating as an after nap snack have carrots and spinach in them. All she knows is that Mom is willing to give her brownies. I will keep making this recipe for her even though they won’t fool anyone who has ever had a regular brownie in their lifetime. The texture of them is off as is the flavor. It is not that they taste like the carrots or spinach. They don’t. They just don’t taste like a brownie and I make mine from scratch so I’m not talking chemicals here.

I liked the look and feel of Jessica’s book too. It harkens back to the days of the 1950s cookbooks with its spiral bound spine and illustrations. While the recipes may seem daunting at first they really aren’t. Planning in advance is necessary but it always is when you want to provide healthy meals for your family. The directions are easy to follow and I found that pureeing my veggies and fruits in one day is not that difficult even with a temperamental blender such as mine. Simply steam the veggies and puree. Store them in the fridge or freezer in ½ cup servings and when it’s time to cook or bake you are ready to go!

I felt so much better about the food we were eating because my kid and spouse alike are sometimes finicky vegetable eaters. I try to incorporate our five daily servings plus but sometimes it is hard and this just makes it incredibly easy without a lot of thought. I know that as my child gets older this cookbook will come in real handy especially with sweet treats. The additional nutritional information given by nutritionist Joy Bauer is helps keep you on track too. The extra tips on how to make store-bought food and snacks healthier made me feel a whole lot better about what to do when I actually do buy these items. This cookbook will be used frequently in my house for all sorts of occasions not just on my kids. My husband loves the idea that he is getting added vegetables and so do I. I simply love this cookbook!

This gift makes an excellent addition to any family's kitchen and would be a great gift for any Mom. You can buy it here for only $14.97. For more reviews on this book visit the Parent Blogger Network and hear what others are saying.