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October 8, 2007

Nundies- The Pantyless Panty

You are probably thinking, “What on earth”? Am I right? Nundies, the newest invention in women’s undergarments is actually not really an undergarment. It’s more like a liberator. It liberates women from thongs, panty lines, and scratchy clothing. It frees you up literally. So say goodbye to your g-string, granny panties, and whatever else you have got going on and say hello to Nundies!

These stick on alternatives to underwear really got me. I had to try them and so I was overjoyed when the company sent me a packet. The sassy assorted pack is chocked full of Nundies in black, nude, and daring floral design. I put them in my draw for a bit and let them hang out with the rest of the underwear. I have to admit the idea of them was a bit daunting. Then one day I decided to just go for it. I hate VPL (visible panty lines) more than anything and I dont't wear regular underwear so what is the big deal? Not too much of one actually. Still no panty line and Nundies are surprisingly comfortable. Mainly because it is much like going commando except for the ultra, and I do mean ultra, thin barrier they create between you and your jeans. Or capris. Really whatever it is you feel like wearing that day. The only weird thing about them was that I kept reaching down to pull up my underwear after using the bathroom only to realize, “That’s right! I’m wearing Nundies today!”

To get technical these soft extremely pliable Nylon and Lycra blend patches adhere remarkably well to your clothing. I was very surprised. I figured I would be in for an uncomfortable “sticking” situation if they didn’t. Who needs that? You just peel and place them! Well, first you put your pants on and then pull them up halfway. Next, you peel off the lower portion of the backing (very clever having it in two parts) and stick it to your pants. Then you stick on the top half inside your pants. Pull up your pants and go! They worked and wore like a charm. I never noticed them and that is the point. They are paper thin too which I love! There are three types of packs to choose from consisting of five Nundies ($15) – Naughty Black, Blushing Buff and Sassy assorted. I got the Sassy assorted though I hardly see how it really matters unless you are wearing white pants.

Would I use them again? Absolutely. While the idea is strange at first, the act of wearing them isn’t. You just go about your day and it’s nothing. I quite liked them though I don’t love the price. Nundies can be found at Neiman Marcus, CUSP and BlissSpas with more locations coming in the near future. They can also be ordered online at Nundies.


LadyAsh said...

Hum - VERY interesting!

cdr said...

I was waiting for this review. I'll have to try them - they sound like a good idea in theory.