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October 19, 2007

PBN- Sequoia Survival Car Kit

I drive a Pathfinder. It has a lovely and compact first aid kit tucked discreetly away in the back section of the truck. I am a Mom too. That means there are not just cup holders and a trash receptacle in the vehicle but lots of wipes, napkins, fun activities, a cell phone and charger, plus snacks stowed in my truck at any given time. Do I really need an actual car survival kit? I already have a spare tire and I do know where it is located.

The Sequoia Survival Company says yes I do need one just for my car. My husband a former Marine and now a Security Specialist brings lots of emergency type stuff home with from various conferences so I figured I had probably seen it all even when it comes to this solidly packed eight pound bag of stuff.

First, I noticed the eight packets of water, which were sandwiched neatly along the edges of the bag. This is a great and often forgotten addition to emergency kits. After living in the desert however my car is never without it. The rope and work gloves included are also a good idea. How many times have you needed to tie something down or had lug nuts that were incredibly tight? You never know when you might need them or need that protection. The light sticks, hand warmers, MRE for two, and water and wind proof matches are all necessary in a survival kit. What I found interesting is that there was a pen included. Why not a pencil? A pen can dry up and run out of ink. A pencil could be sharpened with the neat little Gerber tool provided. The notebook inside is handy but I think it should consist of waterproof paper myself.

The Nexcare first aid kit is just like the one my mother packed for me when I went off to college. In fact, it is the exact same one. I’m happy to have a new one for the car now. If I didn’t already I own one I would find the combination flashlight/radio/cell phone charger to be the coolest thing I’ve ever seen, but living in the household that I do, it is par for the course. One thing my husband noted as missing is tampons. Did you know that tampons are great for starting fires and for use in first aid care? Marines take them out in the field with them all the time. I didn’t either until I met my husband. Now I always have one on me for reasons other being simply being female.

Everything included in the Sequoia vehicle kit are things you would actually use or need from the ultra tiny Gerber tool to the toilet paper and rain ponchos. I really didn’t find it lacking unless I wanted to be nit- picky. The price of $99 is steep to me and I think you could probably buy a lot the items included for less than that and stow them in your car. However, if you have someone in your life who is prone to accidents, you want to keep safe, or just have peace of mind this would make an incredibly interesting gift. All the kits from Sequoia meet and exceed Red Cross and FEMA guidelines too which is I think where the deck of playing cards comes in.

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