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October 19, 2007

Fun Finds Friday! Belen Echandia Handbags

If you are looking for an exquisitely made, effortlessly chic, and absolutely gorgeous handbag that is not like all those other designer duds then look no further than Belen Echandia. Designed by Jackie Cawthra these butter soft leather handbags are inspired by the colors and luxurious leathers she found while working in as a lawyer Spain.

Having no experience in the handbag and designing world Jackie had only the dream and desire to make beautiful bags and create a company that would harken back to the golden days where designers gave good service. Nothing is mass produced here. The company, while global, feels more like a small business because they care so much. They provide impeccable customer service and pay attention to the tiniest details. All the bags are created in small quantities and are made by skilled artisans in Italy. The bags are only known through word of mouth and carried in only the most exclusive stores around the world.

Just looking at one you know it is of the highest quality and design. They quite simply take your breath away. I love the names each style bag is given such as, Charm Me, Clutch Me and Take Me Anywhere. These bags reach out to you and reel you in. While not in everyone's price range they are beautiful to look at, aspire to, or simply put on your wish list. The holidays are coming up!

For anyone who orders one do mention MPR (Mummy's Product Reviews) and you will receive free shipping! To visit Belen Echandia, to find out how to order or just view more beautiful bags click here.

*Images from the Belen Echandia website bags are the Charm Me and Take Me Anywhere.


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Anonymous said...

I have not had very good luck with this brand. The bags I purchased had problems with color peeling and flaking right off the surface of the leather. I also discovered missing stitching, which I don't understand. For the price of these bags, I expect the color to stay on the leather and the stitching to be fully intact. I can purchase known designer brands with far better consistent quality in materials and craftsmanship on sale for about the same price point, or even less. And, if I decide I don't want one of these designer bags after I purchase it, I may return it for a full refund, which is NOT the case with BE products. If you want quality, steer clear of this brand! Or, if you want a refund, buy elsewhere!!

Anonymous said...

I've owned several of these bags and have had no issues whatsoever. The designer is great to work with! I'm very pleased and keep going back for more!