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October 22, 2007

Blissliving Home- Linens and More!

Now available in the US it is Blissliving Home linens. These beautifully made linens formally only known in Asia are now gracing homes here bringing its gorgeous modern designs stateside. Mei Xu, a University of Maryland grad like me, has combined fine cotton from the Orient, jacquard from Italy, and tantalizing silks from India bringing them all together to create this truly ‘blissful’ array of textures, designs and colors in gorgeous bedding.

I received my queen-sized duvet set from the company promptly and immediately noticed how soft it was despite not having been washed. The deep cobalt blue background of the Mallory set went incredibly well with the delicate cream flowers. I was in love despite the style being more modern than my usual Toile tastes. I decided to put this duvet set with standard size pillow shams to the test. Many of my cotton sets while of a high quality and price tag have shrunk over time and no longer fit my bed properly. I end up buying yet another set only to have it happen all over again. I washed and dried the Blissliving set on a high heat setting a minimum of six times. Each time it emerged from the dryer the same size! The duvet cover and shams alike both fit well after each washing with no shrinkage in evidence. It didn’t wrinkle or pucker at the seams leaving the set looking tired and old like many other sets have done. The dark colors did not fade or run either. I was impressed. Not only did the Blissliving set become softer it beautifully retained its crispness and color.

I liked the change of look to my room too. The designs are fresh and not like anything that is on the market and categorized as modern. The styles are not cold and uninviting but calming and stylish. Adding the silken sheets or a new duvet set by Blissliving immediately spruces up a tired room and makes it an oasis once again. I was sad to send mine back even if the colors did not go with my cocoa colored walls. I’m much more of a Camilla girl truthfully. The Mallory set was a welcome change of pace though and I would buy from Blissliving in a heartbeat. The quality is easy to see and feel in each piece.

Whether you are looking for the luxe look of 100% silk or a more casual approach with cotton Blissliving has something for everyone. They are even featuring holiday inspired bedding right now that is understated yet festive. The autumnal inspired Corina set just won New York’s Home Textiles Market Weeks award for Best New Product! When it comes to getting your bedroom just right Blissliving is the place to go. They not only carry fine linens in an array of styles and colors but accessories such as candles, vases, bath accessories, frames and trays that are all simply elegant with a modern twist. I highly advise giving their website a look. You just may find a great gift for that special friend or relative and great bedding for yourself as well.

Gift certificates are available and sales are ongoing so check back often as there is always something new and fresh happening at Blissliving. The tip sheet alone is worth a look! READERS will get FREE SHIPPING by typing in the code MUMMY at checkout! This code is good until December 31.