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September 19, 2007

A Treasure in My Garden DVD & GIVEAWAY!

Renowned Quebecois poet-songwriter Gilles Vigneault brings you ‘A Treasure in My Garden’. Filled with 13 animated song-stories, which includes music by Hart-Rouge and Connie Kaldor, this DVD is a visual masterpiece for both you and your child.

‘A Treasure in My Garden’ (50 minutes) is a delight! The animated music videos, which air daily in Canada and France on Teletoon, are original, fun and full of whimsy. This is not your typical children’s DVD though. It has a completely different sound and look to it than the average American-made kid’s entertainment. Think The Triplets of Belleville and you are on the right track as the same animation house was involved in producing Triplets and My Garden.

As soon as I popped in My Garden I knew that we were in for a treat. The beats from the first song, The Pot, stopped my daughter in her tracks as she walked by the tiny DVD player in our kitchen. I was making dinner and she quickly pulled up a chair and began to smile and dance while sitting in her seat. Suddenly, I noticed I was dancing a bit as I chopped vegetables especially during the wonderful song, Sleepy Sheep Hoedown for the Kid Who Won’t Lie Down. Other songs such as Scuttlebutt What a Nut and On the Tip of My Tongue are lively and engaging while continuing to teach your child various lessons such as what makes the world go round.

Vigneault who has over 40 years of experience and numerous awards including the Grand prix du disque de l’Academie Charles-Cros in France really knows what he is doing and how to grab your attention with each different story and lullaby. While this DVD moves quickly from song to song with different styles of animation per segment it was somehow easy and almost peaceful to watch. The colors are vibrant and the repetition of some songs will help children in finding the rhythm. I would definitely consider purchasing this DVD for a gift or better yet the storybook/music DVD, a 36-page hardcover book with the 50 minute video.

A Treasure in My Garden runs 50 minutes long and is suitable for ages 2 and up. It retails for $14.98 while the book/DVD is sold for $22.95. Available at The Secret Mountain website, Ryko Distribution and from the National Book Network.

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