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September 17, 2007

Putumayo Kids- Animal Playground and Brazilian Playground

Since its launch in 2002 Putumayo Kids has won over parents and kids alike with their imaginative and fun music CDs. I reviewed two CDs from this collection, Animal Playground and Brazilian Playground. Each CD contains music that is sure to introduce your child to the upbeat and enjoyable sounds from places around the globe.

Animal Playground- ($14.98) This CD from Putumayo and contains 13 songs including some well known favorites, such as “No More Monkeys”, by Asheba. The multilingual collection is animal-themed which your child is sure to love and a portion of the proceeds are donated to the Wildlife Conservation Society which helps save wildlife and the wild lands they inhabit. The instant I turned this CD on my daughter smiled and started moving her head in a bob. She danced around and laughed to the sounds of Phil Melancon and “If a Dinosaur Was My Friend”. It has quickly become a post nap pick me up as she is often a grumpy riser. She loves the musical sounds from places like Trinidad, Honduras, France and even a few from up and coming artists Wee Hairy Beasties. I love teaching her the songs and singing along with her as they are exceptional. We cha-cha around the house to the sounds of Les P’tits Loups du Jazz and learn about animals in the process. Overall it is a great fix in the car on a long trip as well as just being plain old fun to listen to. There is even a simply magical video included of “No More Monkeys! Featuring Asheba and shot in Trinidad.

Brazilian Playground-($14.98) Available September 25, this CD is an incredible mix of musical styles from Brazil, one of the most musical countries around. It truly reflects the countries culture and ways of life. There are 13 songs from some very talented musicians on this CD and it just makes you want to get up and dance! My daughter and I loved it! She likes to listen to it when she wakes up in the morning. We dance around her room and let the music fill the upstairs of our house. Songs by leading Samba singer, Teresa Cristina and Gilbert Gil, the Brazilian Prime Minister of Culture and Tropicalia pioneer in the 1960s will enrich your child’s musical repertoire. Magnificent added bonuses on this CD are the liner notes featured in English, Spanish, French and Portuguese. Set in full color with a map of Brazil too they provide information on each artist and the music. The website for the CD offers a free 2-page downloadable learning guide for teachers and parents that goes beautifully with the CD. From the rainforests to the city Brazilian Playground transports you and your child to the sounds of this wonderful country. Proceeds from this CD will go to the Axe´ Project in support of the efforts to educate and defend the rights of disadvantaged Brazilian children.

Putumayo music can be ordered online here.